Lazy Lanie History -

Lazy Lanie’s RV park is family owned and operated by a sister and her brother. Family has always come first to them and their siblings. Lanie is the oldest of three other siblings, and Clyde is thirteen years younger. Uncannily, they were both enticed to the charming artistic and historical town of Rockport, Texas, but by different pathways.

The Brother & Sister Team


Has always had a soft spot in her heart for the town. When at the end of World War II her parents married in Mississippi, they honeymooned in Rockport where possibly she was conceived. In that same year, the oldest continuously existing business in what was then a small village was established, the Sea Shell Shoppe. As a small child, Lanie fondly remembers family visits to Rockport. She and one of her sibling sisters, despite her parent’s limited budget, were each year allowed to select one special item from the Sea Shell Shoppe as a souvenir. She still cherishes each of those mementos today.


was too young to remember these visits. But, as a master craftsman who had moved from job to job across the southern states, he remembers, “Rockport called me” when he serendipitously landed his first job there. He’s never left and is a very popular contractor who is helping with reconstruction following Hurricane Harvey.

We   what we do.

Together, Lanie and Clyde decided to provide welcomed visitors a safe and quiet haven in that small town, a town rebuilding, a town with a community spirit embodied in the motto, “Rockport Strong.” A town devoted to artisans, gulf sports, and great seafood. And, don’t forget, souvenirs from the Sea Shell Shoppe.